Dundee University Centre for Renewable Energy (DUCRE)

DUCRE brings together a wide range of scientists with strong interests in renewable energy and environmental issues. Staff and students in the Centre are engaged in a wide range of diverse renewable energy and environmental research. Projects range from electric vehicle technologies, to wind, solar, and hydro technologies, and from energy policy issues to Third World environmental development analysis.

The Offshore Renewables Institute (ORI)

The ORI is a new research partnership between the University of Dundee, the University of Aberdeen, and Robert Gordon University, focused on developing and delivering solutions to the offshore wind industry in the North Sea and globally.

The ORI offers an interdisciplinary and integrated approach bringing together experts, researchers and knowledge from different disciplines to confront challenges faced by Industry and Government in delivering and managing the offshore wind industry. 

Research and Innovation Services

The Research and Innovation Services at the University of Dundee provides specialist services related to the University’s research activities. Support includes:

  • Opportunities for knowledge transfer partnerships
  • Extensive experience of working with industry both nationally and internationally
  • Knows and understands the emerging needs of the energy sectors.