Public and private partnerships in Dundee are working consistently to reduce the City’s carbon footprint; committed to taking significant action to shape our energy future by developing clean, low-cost sources and building a greener grid to supply energy.  Dundee is fast developing as a centre of green business by using the city’s knowledge base, existing assets and low carbon infrastructure as a catalyst for development, inward investment, energy security and new jobs.

To galvanise this position, in March 2018 Dundee City Council signed up to the EU Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy, committing the Dundee Partnership to developing a Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plan within two years; with a target of 40% emission reduction by 2030.

An impressive 28% emission reduction has been achieved to date and with the innovative low carbon projects planned for the coming years, Dundee’s ability to exceed its targets and remain a frontrunner in the emerging low carbon economy is assured.