The Council is developing a District Heating Strategy to identify potential district heating networks, including the short, medium and long-term strategic opportunities and the development of a long term vision to support the City's growth and low carbon transition using decentralised energy.

The Council secured £2.9 million funding from the Scottish Government’s Low Carbon Investment Transition Programme together with capital investment to develop an innovative Low Carbon District Energy Hub at Caird Park Regional Performance Centre for Sport. This multi-technology energy centre design combines heat pumps, gas CHP, solar thermal, PV’S, and large thermal stores for low grade and higher grade heat combined with gas boilers for peak demand and backup. By delivering a low and zero carbon solution, the fully integrated district energy Hub will significantly lower carbon emissions whilst providing key infrastructure that will act as the catalyst to accelerate the city’s ambitions for the development of a city-wide energy network.

The Council, Scottish Enterprise, MEB and Michelin are undertaking a feasibility study to explore the potential for a district heating network utilising energy from waste.