Dundee and Angus College

The College will promote educational links with schools and facilitate routes into employment through industry-focused training; while highlighting the opportunities and skills requirements for a future career within the decommissioning industry.

For workers displaced from the oil and gas, and other related industry sectors, the College will help to facilitate the transition to a new career within the field of decommissioning; by mapping their existing qualifications and providing additional modular courses to support their goal of upskilling and retraining.  For those furthest removed from the job market, the College will work alongside other agencies and partners to provide short courses focused on building essential skills and provide relevant training, and in turn job opportunities, to meet the supply chain demand in this emerging sector.  A core physical asset to support the training programmes will be a decontamination unit, which will be designed to replicate elements of the full-scale operation, allowing learners to practice different aspects of the course content and develop industry-valuable skills in a controlled environment.