Energy Dundee is a strategic partnership between the public, private and academic sectors, to unlock opportunities in the Offshore Wind, Oil & Gas and Decommissioning Sectors for Dundee and the wider region.

Located on the east coast of Scotland, Dundee is an ideal location for investment and growth for the energy sector, with a population of 325,766 within a 30 minute drive time catchment. 

The region’s ideal location and Dundee’s transforming waterfront provide a range of new opportunities including Decommissioning, Oil & Gas Sector and is an ideal location to support and facilitate the Operations and Maintenance of planned Windfarms to be developed off the coast of Dundee.

Port of Dundee

The importance of Dundee’s strategic position on Scotland’s east coast is undeniable, lying as it does equidistant from Edinburgh and Aberdeen.  The Port of Dundee offers easy access to the North Sea and all points inland.


Dundee’s airport is conveniently located less than 3km from the city centre and within 5km of the port.  The airport has direct daily flights (Sunday to Friday) to London Stansted. 

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